I'm Lorene Edwards Forkner. I live—and garden—in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in an old house near the beach in West Seattle, (USDA 8). House and garden provide me with a living workshop and test plot in my constant pursuit of healthy gardens, soothing spaces, and delicious flavors throughout the year. Observing nature, digging in the garden, mixing things up in the kitchen, or on the written page—I believe there’s always a story to tell.

 Lorene Edwards Forkner Photo: Mary Grace Long

Lorene Edwards Forkner
Photo: Mary Grace Long

Life is good & delicious

I work from home as the editor of Pacific Horticulture, a quarterly magazine for West Coast gardeners published by Pacific Horticulture Society, a not-for-profit organization that believes in beautiful gardens connected to the world at large. What does that mean? I encourage you to go here and explore to your heart's content.

I am also the author of of 5 garden books including The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening: Pacific Northwest, and Handmade Garden Projects, bestselling titles from Timber Press.